Glossary of Motorsport Terms

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  • Scrutineering - The technical checking of race cars by the officials, to make sure that they comply with all the regulations and specifications before and after the race.
  • Sidepods - The part of the car that makes up the sides of the monocoque, alongside the drivers seat and runs back to the rear wing. It houses the radiators of the car.
  • Slipstreaming - An aerodynamics term, where a driver is able to catch the car ahead of him and use the air coming off the car in front to reduce drag on his car. This allows the driver to achieve a higher speed and slingshot past the car in front.
  • Splash and dash - A very quick pit stop, normally during the final laps of a race, when a driver makes a pit stop just to add a few litres of fuel to his car to make sure he can finish the race.
  • Steward - One of three high-ranking officials at each race appointed to make decisions and make sure drivers and teams adhere to regulations. Stewards have the discretion to hand out penalties to drivers and teams during and after the race.
  • Stop-and-go-penalty - One of two penalties that can be handed out to a driver at the discretion of the Stewards during the race. This penalty forces the driver to make a pit stop, stationary for 10 seconds, but is not allowed to fuel or change tyres during this time. After 10 seconds he is allowed to resume the race.