Glossary of Motorsport Terms

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  • Launch control - A form of traction control, which was used at the start of the race to assist drivers. However, the use of launch control has been banned as of 2004. Drivers may still use traction control.
  • Ladder series- Generally refers to a category or series of lesser importance which in most cases will race at the same race meeting as a senior category. Cars will be generally similar in characteristic to drive but will be smaller, less powerful and/or slower. Competitors will generally be younger emerging drivers who are climbing an apprenticeship 'ladder' towards entry into the senior series.
  • Lambda reading- Fuel to air ratio readings, used to determine how much fuel is pushed through the fuel injectors into the cylinders for combustion.
  • Lap of honour- A non-competitive lap taken before or after the race by a driver in celebration.[citation needed] Also known as a lap of honor, or, if after the race, a victory lap.
  • Lap record- Fastest race lap recorded at a circuit for a category of race car. The circumstances allowed vary significantly, but practice laps are generally not considered official records. Laps recorded in qualifying may or may not contribute but are sometimes referred together with practice laps as Qualifying lap record. The outright lap record is the fastest race lap ever recorded at any particular circuit, regardless of category of vehicle being raced.
  • Lid- Used to describe the top of something, either a crash helmet or the roof of a car.
  • Livery- The paint colors and decals applied to a vehicle to mark its sponsorship or team identity.
  • Lollipop- A sign on a stick used in pit stops, which is held in front of the car and raised when the pit stop is completed.