Glossary of Motorsport Terms

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  • Aerofoil or wing - A type of upside-down wing used to keep the car firmly on the track at high speed, by providing maximum downforce.
  • Air jacks - Four compressed air activated pistons mounted near the wheels of a racing car which project downwards to lifting the car off the ground during a pit stop for changing wheels and or giving mechanics access to the underside of the car for repairs.
  • Apex - The part of a corner where the racing line is nearest the inside of the bend.
  • Armchair enthusiast - Alternatively armchair racer, an individual who follow motorsport primarily on television and internet and read books and magazines about the subject. Can also refer to somebody who play racing video games
  • Armco barrier - A metal barrier fitted at the sides of racing tracks, designed to absorb the impact of a car at high speed and prevent it from crashing into spectators or in the case of the Monaco Grand Prix, into the harbour.
  • ASM Race Team - ASM have supported race teams, cars and drivers at numerous motorsport events across the globe, including Bathurst 24 hours, Silverstone 24 hours, Sebring 12 hours and Le Mans 24 hours.
  • Auto racing - Alternative term for motorsport, largely American in nature, although referring specifically to circuit/oval racing for cars and excluding sports such as motorcycling racing, rallying and drifting.